Vaginal Surgery / Vaginal Tightening

Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure to tighten the vagina. By toning muscles, increasing support and trimming excess tissue, vaginoplasty can help women who have experienced a loosening of the vagina after having children or who have had large vaginal diameters all their lives. The goal of vaginoplasty is to restore a youthful tightness and elasticity to the vagina in order to increase sensation during sexual intercourse.

When a woman gives birth, the vagina and surrounding tissues stretch to allow the baby to pass through. After birth, the vagina gradually contracts to a normal diameter once more, but it does not reach its previous tightness, tone or elasticity. Many women find that the vagina and pelvic floor area become loose after childbirth, and they may not derive as much pleasure from sexual intercourse because of reduced friction and difficulty reaching climax. Multiple births and/or difficult deliveries can compound this problem. Kegel exercises typically do not compensate entirely for such looseness.

Alternately, some women have been unhappy with vaginal size or laxity throughout their lives, even if they have not had children.

Both of these groups of women can enjoy more toned vaginal muscles and greater sexual satisfaction through vaginoplasty (vaginal tightening).

Goal of Vaginoplasty

Vaginoplasty corrects vaginal laxity to achieve a stronger, rejuvenated muscle tone. By tightening vaginal muscles and supporting tissues, vaginoplasty can:

  • Restore tightness and support to the vagina and pelvic floor
  • Boost self-confidence
  • Improve sexual satisfaction by increasing friction during intercourse

Vaginoplasty Procedure

The first step of vaginoplasty surgery is to administer anesthesia, which may be general anesthesia or conscious sedation. Dr.Powell is then able to perform the surgery by tightening the back of the vagina to decrease its diameter. He may also trim excess vaginal lining (mucosa), tighten the perineum and strengthen supporting tissues for further rejuvenation.

The entire vaginoplasty procedure typically takes 1-2 hours, with an additional hour spent in the recovery room. The incisions are closed with absorbable stitches, which naturally dissolve into the body with time and do not need to be removed by the surgeon in another appointment.

Recovery from Vaginoplasty

There may be some pain, soreness and swelling for a few days following vaginoplasty. Dr.Powell will prescribe pain medication to relieve any discomfort, as well as antibiotics to prevent infection. Most patients are walking comfortably within a few days and return to work in 2-5 days. It takes about six weeks to achieve full healing and resume sexual activity.

Complications of Vaginoplasty

The risks of vaginoplasty are low, but as with any surgery, there can be complications. These can include bleeding, infection, poor healing scarring, and the need for a second surgery.

Vaginoplasty is a delicate procedure. One way to ensure that your surgery is as safe as possible and achieves your goals is to choose a qualified, experienced surgeon who has performed many successful vaginoplasty procedures.